Ye Ol' Roadmap

1. Bitbones Nemesis

  • A 50 eth community treasury will be created upon collection sell out

  • The funds can used in any way that will benefit the Bitbones collections

  • The community will vote to decide the best ways to use the funds

2. Bitbones VX

(Q2 2022)

  • 5000 Bitbones VX avatars will be created

  • Half will be Bitbones, half will be Nemesis

  • They will only be available by owning a Bitbones NFT, and sacrificing a Bitbone Nemesis NFT

3.Sandbox Games

(Q3 2022)

  • Several Bitbones games will be built in the Sandbox metaverse

  • Bitbones Skeleton Kingdom is located on a 3x3 estate and is already in development

  • Bitbones VX holders will be able to complete Bitbones games as well as community missions to earn weapons, armor, and other rare items for use within the Sandbox metaverse