As with any trade, artists’ skills become more refined as they gain more experience. Dustin Johnson, a 32-year-old lifelong artist knows that over time his abilities keep improving, so he wanted to create an NFT project that could show the world his growth. That’s where Bitbones comes into play...



Minted FM Podcast

In this episode I sit down with Dustin Johnson who is the creator of the Bitbones collection. Hear about his journey into NFTs and pixel art as well as his recommendations for new artists joining the NFT space.

Dangerous Rhetoric 026: Dustin Johnson, NFT Artist & Creator of Bitbones

In this episode we spoke with Dustin Johnson, independent artist and the creator of Bitbones, a collection of 1,000 skeletal characters tied to the blockchain, or NFTs for short. We discussed this new frontier, his journey into the space, DeFi, crypto and some reflections about NFTs and where all of this is heading.

NIFTY DIMENSIONS: BitBones NFT's with Dustin Johnson -

Episode 7

In this episode, Rizzo hangs out with the creator of the legendary Bitbones! We get into artistic influences, Oingo Boingo, and disturbingly strange films.