The Skeleton Kingdom is in peril!!!

 5000 humans march upon the skeleton kingdom hungry for war. Swords clang against shields. Grotesque screams fill the air. The ground rumbles from the pounding steps of the marching horde. 

The Bitbones take up arms and prepare for battle!!! 

-Bitbones Nemesis-

Listed on Opensea for

.05 eth

Bitbone Nemesis is an army of 5000 battle ready humans looking to smash some bones. They’re one of a kind, hand drawn, machine generated pixel warriors.



Bitbones is a collection of hand made pixel skeletons. 1000 Bitbones invaded the blockchain last year to wage war with their mortal enemies, the Nemesis. Each Bitbone was hand generated using over 300 unique traits. Some are friendly, others will kill you in your sleep. Which Bitbones will you recruit?

-Bitbones VX-(Coming Soon)

Bitbones VX is a voxel avatar collection built for the Sandbox metaverse.

-Sandbox Games-

A demo version of the Skeleton Kingdom game is now playable in the Sandbox Game Maker app. 

Several more games will be released on the Bitbones 3x3 estate in the near future.