Bitbones are hand crafted pixel skeleton NFT's. Each Bitbone is unique and one of a kind. Only 1000 Bitbones will ever exist! Come join the skeleton army today!!!

Only 10 will ever be minted.

Only 34 will be ever be minted.


The Sandbox is a virtual world where players can play, build, own, and monetize their virtual experiences. We empower artists, creators, and players to build the platform they always envisioned, providing the means to unleash your creativity.

Bitbones will have several games within the Sandbox. The first project will be the Bitbones Skeleton Kingdom game.

To learn more about the Bitbones game in the Sandbox, make sure to join the community discord!


What happens when you die? Mankind has been conflicted with this thought since the dawn of time. The only truth we know, is that once you’re dead, you’re dead forever. Or so we thought...

The Bitbone Sorcerer was the first mortal to find the flaw in this truth. He'd been known through out the land as a formidable conjurer of spells. But the strength of the dark arts overwhelmed him with the immense power he could conjure. The sorcerer called upon all the gods to make him live forever and cast a spell that no mortal man should ever mutter. I doubt he'd have cast that spell if he'd known he’d still be alive while his flesh rotted away from his bones. He grew thinner and thinner as the years passed until nothing was left except for his bones. The skeleton gods had cursed him to a life of misery for his unholy spell. He became the first Bitbone to walk the earth.

The Sorcerer had taken refuge in a castle long abandoned by men. A stoney relic from the great wars of the past. Weapons and bones littered the ground like dead leaves in the fall. The mountain of death resting upon the cobblestone provided him with all the resources he needed.

The Sorcerer climbed the highest tower of the castle on a rain soaked night. Lightning struck all around him as he pierced the sky with his staff. The heavens began to glow a dark flickering purple. The light grew brighter with every word of the sorcerers spell, illuminating everything with its haunting brightness. The ground began to shake violently. Bones began to rattle and move about the castle as if they were commanded by some invisible force. Ghostly figures began to form structures of men. Swords flew through the air where they finally found their destination in the grasp of a thousand boney hands. Lightning boomed as it struck the castles high tower. The army had been reborn. The unthinkable had been achieved. The Sorcerer began to plot his revenge...

Bitbone OG's

Bitbone #1

Bitbone #2

Bitbone #3

Bitbone #4